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First Twitter and now Instagram?!
Iggy Azalea is KINDA saying goodbye to social media, one app at a time.
Just weeks after the Aussie rapper said peace out to Twitter, girlfriend went and deleted her Instagram account without a single word!
Granted Iggy Iggs did say she’d come back on and tweet every so often if she needed to, but we didn’t see this one coming!

The 24-year-old rapper tends to get into some trouble over the things she says online, so maybe it’s best she got rid of the photo sharing app too?
Iggy probably didn’t think IG was useful anymore if she was quitting social media cold turkey.
Besides, she’ll always have Nick Young’s Insta account to use if she ever needs to go back on and update the world!
UPDATE: Iggy’s team reactivated her Instagram account and posted this on Friday — a message to her fans!

Source: Perez Hiton

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