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There are some activities that are so fun and chic, they work no matter who your plus one is. Like polo, for example. Boys, besties and parents all love a day on the field, so obvs, it’s my go-to place to hang out.

But Iggy Azalea has, shall we say, decidedly different taste. Her favorite spot? Target. The store.

The rapper said last year that her first date with now-fiance Nick Young was a shopping trip:

“We went out to dinner after this…but I was like, ‘Target is my favorite place! I want to go to Target!’ You can learn so much about someone at Target!”

And now, her pal and bridesmaid Demi Lovato reveals that she too spent some QT with IA at the retailer.

“Our first time hanging out we went to Target…we bought Christmas decorations and things to make ginger bread houses and then we went back to her place and made ginger bread houses,” Demi, who’s neighbors with Iggy, told Sirius XM radio. “It was so cool to meet someone who is really real, she’s been through a lot and she’s coming out the others side, also she’s super chill.”

Ah celebrities, you just make no sense. I (fine, my maids) love Target as much as the next girl but it’s not exactly my first thought of activities when friends come over. Although I agree with Iggy, you learn a lot about a person based on what they purchase. Why, I never would have dated my ex had I known that he settles for generic Swedish Fish. I mean, would you ever?

Source: Gossip Girl

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