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A few weeks ago Iggy Azealea hinted that she was working on something with Britney Spears, and it looks like that something is a collaborative track that could be released very shortly. Like, today.

A site called BreatheHeavy is reporting that the song is titled “BLI$$,” is written by J.Pebworth, A. Kelly, B. Spears and J.Shave, and is slated for a 12/9 drop.

If true, this is either going to be Christmas come early or a reminder of everything that’s wrong with music in 2014. If it’s false, this cover art has to used for at least something — a collaborative line of power scrunchies?

Word about the Iggy/Britney collaboration spread last month after Iggy tweeted this in response to a fan:

Do you think the rumors could be true true?

Source: Styleite

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