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Iggy Azalea’s career tangent has been a strange one to watch, but she seems to be back on the upswing after tasting success with her No. 1 hit “Fancy” only to fail to keep up the momentum. After dropping an EP worth of sweaty, danceable west coast-leaning rap, she’s showed up on the remix to “In A Haze,” putting her back in the EDM realm she flirted with on her debut album. The collaboration with Swedish duo Total Ape first came to Iggy after Camila Cabello passed on it for her debut album, though when Survive The Summer made its way out, the single was nowhere to be found (it has been available in leaked demo form for some time). As it turns out, this remix is where the track will live, as a single from Total Ape rather than Iggy, but the rapper still has a considerable presence on it. Could it be another Hot 100 hit for the rapper? We’ll have to wait and see.

Quotable Lyrics:
I been caught up in you and the things you doin’
And I can’t lie to ya, I don’t even mind
I been tryna get used to how fast life been movin’
And looking for somethin’ outside this money to call mine
Tell me, tell me, tell me baby could you be that?
They say love is like a drug
Baby you gon’ make me relapse
I got short comings and flaws
But you see me and never see that
And that’s what got me tryin’ to be everywhere that you be at

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