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Iggy Azalea has been left furious after trolls accused the Australia singer of ‘not working hard enough’. 

The fiery 29-year-old rapper said she was confused as to why people thought she was ‘taking a hiatus’ when she is simply ‘working on a new project’ like she’s ‘supposed to be’.

It comes after the Fancy hit-maker told fans last week that ‘time away is needed’ to focus on new musical concepts.  

‘Why do people think I’m taking a hiatus when I’m just working on a new project like I’m supposed to be? Y’all weird,’ Iggy wrote on Twitter. 

‘WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?’ one fan wrote underneath the post, while another explained the reason why people were asking was due to her absence on social media.

‘Because you always posted on social during your other projects,’ they wrote.

In response, Iggy revealed that she would rather only share updates on ‘finished’ projects as opposed to ‘101 ideas’.

‘True, I have in the past but that’s why I’m not [posting a lot] now,’ the Pretty Girls artist wrote. ‘It’s better to show one finished idea than speak about 101 ideas aloud and have people disappointed you didn’t follow through on all 101 of them.’ 

Last week, Iggy told fans on Twitter that ‘time away is needed’ to focus on new musical concepts and insisted that she ‘hasn’t forgotten’ them.

Source: Daily Mail

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