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Every relationship has stages, and since they got together as a couple, Iggy Azalea and Nick Young have gone through a few of them. There was publicly opening up about their relationship; Nick coming to his lady’s defense in her feud with Snoop Dogg; and buying a house together.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, they took things to a new level: Parents meeting parents.

Anyone who’s been in that situation knows it can be nerve-racking for all parties involved — and the Los Angeles Laker wasn’t immune to those emotions.

“It felt like a lot of pressure on me,” the Cali native said in an interview after the Lakers’ win on Sunday night, in a video posted on LakersNation. “We didn’t know how it was gonna go. I know my mom is outgoing, and she gets along with pretty much everybody.”

Things sound like they went over pretty smoothly for the parents — it was just the lovebirds who had issues.

“Me and Iggy is probably the only one that got into an argument — about the wishbone in the turkey,” he joked. “Of course, you gotta let the women win, sometimes — especially with her parents around, you gotta let ‘em win.”

Just like in the NBA: Can’t win ‘em all.

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When hip-hop artist and producer T.I. met female rapper Iggy Azalea, she had him at “hello.” The multiplatinum artist says his first conversation with Iggy in 2012 convinced him that this relatively unknown Australian recording artist was the next big thing.

“I mean initially, like at hello, I saw just an undeniable, tenacious will to dominate,” T.I. says in the above web exclusive from his “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” appearance. “I knew upon meeting her that, you know, with the proper application of skill and an adequate amount of strategy, that she would have an ability to go where no one has ever gone and do things that no person has ever done.”

He teamed up with Iggy and signed on to executive produce her debut album, “The New Classic.” Since then, she’s been topping the charts with hits like “Fancy,” “Work” and “Black Widow.”

T.I. says this is only the beginning of Iggy’s rise. “Like where she is now, although she is just incredibly impressive, the amount of trajectory that she has gained, in the amount of time it’s taken, it is epic,” he says. “It is just incredible.”

Along with managing up-and-coming artists on his label, Grand Hustle Records, the Grammy-winning hip-hop artist recently released his ninth album, “Paperwork,” and stars in the VH1 reality show, “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.” Watch T.I. talk about why he tells his kids everything about his controversial past.

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Liam Payne might have landed himself in a bit of hot water, after he was asked for his opinion of Iggy Azalea’s AMA performance this week, but couldn’t see past her well shaped behind.

The One Direction star was being interviewed after picking up the International gong at the ARIA awards and was asked how he feels about 1D’s massive wins at the American Music Awards just two days before.

It’s been a manic but brilliant week for the X Factor stars and they were honoured three times at the AMAs, receiving trophies for Artist of The Year, Best Band, Duo or Group and Best Album, for Midnight Memories.

During an interview for a Sydney radio station, the star admitted:

“We are still celebrating and what a great day! Especially to pick up the prestigious award of the night, it was huge for us. There is so many big contenders there, I mean even the performances we saw…”

Liam gushed over Ariana Grande’s amazing performance at the star studded ceremony and said:

“Ariana Grande sounded amazing, she was great, so for us to be picking up those kinds of awards is a huge deal.”

However when the hosts asked what he thought of their home girl Iggy Azalea, Payne had no words to describe her singing, rapping or dance moves and just laughed:

“She has got a big bottom…. It’s a true story.”

We are sure Iggy will be delighted to hear Liam’s thoughts on her rear end!

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The rapper recalls their first encounter differently.

Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young has game both on and off the court. He’s currently in a relationship with rapper Iggy Azalea.

As part of their holiday campaign with Forever 21, Young shared a few do’s and don’t’s when charming a crush.

Before advising on how “find love” — such as asking the other person to go grocery shopping or acting as if they’ve met before — Young recalls how he cuffed Azalea.

“I was watching a video of hers; I think it was ‘Work.’ I was like, ‘Oh man, she looks very hot.’ I go on my Twitter and make her my Wednesday crush. She actually bid on it. And then I got to mackin’,” he says.

Azalea doesn’t recall their first encounter going down that way, though. At the latter end of the video, Azalea interrupts to share how it really went down.

“I actually didn’t speak to you online. You said you had a crush. And we have the same friends who lied to you,” she told Young, before telling the crew the rest of the story: “He [was] way cooler and nicer than he actually was enough for me to want to meet him.”

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Iggy Azalea won the award for Breakthrough Artist at the ARIA Awards unfortunately she can not attend the awards ceremony.

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Iggy Azalea performed “Beg for It” on Wednesday’s edition of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” A video of the performance follows.

If you’re looking for another televised Iggy Azalea performance, you will not have to “Beg for It.” Wednesday’s edition of NBC’s “The Tonight Show” has you covered.

Hot on the heels of the American Music Awards, at which Azalea was positioned as one of mainstream music’s biggest stars, comes Azalea’s showcase on the iconic NBC talk show. She performs “Beg for It” following host Jimmy Fallon’s interviews with Christopher Walken and Nick Jonas.

Not simply expanding on the face time she received at the AMAs, the appearance also comes in conjunction with the launch of her “Reclassified” album release. Featured on “Reclassified,” a repackaged version of her album “The New Classic,” are the aforementioned “Beg for It” and the “Heavy Crown” duet with Ellie Goulding.

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