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The 28-year-old rapstress fired back at porn company Bang Bros after they offered her a deal, following Azalea’s recent announcement the she is now off Island Records.

Iggy Azalea recently announced that she is now “officially unsigned” and is not longer signed with Island Records.

The Australian rapstress, real name Amethyst Amelia Kelly, said she was “elated” to be out of her contract and is now free to release “whatever kinda music” she likes.

Iggy Azalea Slams “Crusty” Azealia Banks Over Record Deal Diss
Taking note of the fact that Iggy is now a free agent, porn company Bang Bros. addressed the ‘Fancy’ hitmaker in a tweet and hit her up with their own business proposal.

“You should sign with us,” they tweeted. “A**Parade would never be the same.” Iggy, however, was not impressed by the proposition.

“Disgusting on so many levels, and y’all trash too for reporting it without adding why,” she wrote in a tweet, which has since been deleted. “It’s creepy and fake pimp vibes to even approach women ’bout this sorta shit unsolicited.”

Iggy went on to target individuals show have pestered her following the tweet, questioning, “I want to know why men think it’s ok to harass women online?”

“Why do men feel so comfortable being sexual predators? I don’t want to be a sex worker and shouldn’t have to deal with hundreds of predatory men invading my page because of a PR stunt from a porno company.

“Treat women better. Learn consent. Learn respect. This is gross.” Bang Bros went on to apologise to the rapper in a tweet after letting their followers know that Iggy had blocked them on the platform.

“We support Iggy in her career and wish her well in her endeavors regardless of whether or not she chooses to perform for BangBros,” they wrote.

“We apologize for the manner you were notified about us, this was not an attempt at harassment. This was sent to your management team,” attaching a letter addressed to Iggy’s team.

Meanwhile, Iggy’s beef with fellow female rapper Azealia Banks was reignited this week after the ‘212’ rapper mocked Iggy following her label departure.

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Iggy Azalea is celebrating the completion of her contract with Island Records, a division of Universal Music Group.
Many artists would die for a major label contract. Iggy Azalea was apparently dying to get out of hers for a long time.

Now, that moment has arrived. The rapper tweeted on Saturday to let fans know she’s officially out of her deal. Iggy says she’s now free to release whatever kind of music she’d like, whenever she’d like.

The move comes amidst significant changes at Island, most notably the departure of president/CEO David Massey to Sony Music. Whether the two departures are linked is difficult to say.

Despite her newly found creative freedom, Azalea says she doesn’t have any plans to release new music this year.
“I am nowhere near ready direction wise etc. with the stuff I’ve been working on, and I don’t wanna jump the gun and have some messy era aesthetically. I’m aiming to be ready to share new music early next year!”

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The Australian rapper has claimed in a series of now-deleted tweets that she’d love to breakaway from her record label and take full ownership of her career.

Iggy – who is currently attached to Island Records – wrote on the micro-blogging platform: “I love Island, but don’t want a label. There are conversations happening at the moment. I want to be my own boss. I feel I would be better off if I could make my own timeline etc choices and I have the funds to do it. (sic)”

The 28-year-old star admitted she didn’t know whether her ambition would come to fruition and also insisted she doesn’t have any major qualms with her label.

She wrote: “It’s just a conversation I don’t know if I will be able to actually make it happen or not. I would still be happy with Island they are good people too… just feel it would be better for me as a business to have the control when I’m confident I can run it well alone. (sic)”

However, Iggy subsequently hinted at performing a U-turn on her plan.

She tweeted: “Just be prepared for lots of thinking aloud and ignore everything I say cause I change my mind every 48hours. (sic)”

Iggy is well-known for giving her followers a behind-the-scenes insight into her life through social media.

But the blonde beauty recently admitted that some aspects of being so candid can be “unfortunate”.

She said: “Twitter is unfortunate, social media is unfortunate because it freezes that in time for us. In some ways, that’s good. You can look back and self-reflect and say, ‘Geez, I’ve come a long way, that’s good.’ The silver lining is that you can look at that and be like, ‘Never again.’

“But I don’t really sit around thinking, ‘If only I could delete that one thing.’ You know, you’ve gotta move forward and have personal growth. I don’t really think much about that.” AZALEA: I WANT TO BECOME MY OWN BOSS

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Iggy Azalea is no rookie with it comes to new hairdos and staged Instagram photos and today the “Kream” rapper has dropped off another picture to prove she’s still here. Iggy’s latest share sees her dropping low, putting her long pink hair on display for her 12.3 million followers – check it out below.

In other Iggy news, she recently announced that she’s working on a book that will detail her move to American from Australia. “Me & David Ritz are writing a book about my life in Australia/moving to America as a kid etc,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’m really excited although it will take about a year to complete. I feel like I don’t speak much about that stuff in my songs and it will help my fans understand me on a deep level.”

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Iggy Azalea’s first North American tour in four years has been canceled. Shortly after tour-opener CupcakKe dropped out of Azalea’s upcoming Bad Girls Tour, the rapper shared that the whole thing was being called off.

Azalea told her fans on Twitter that the decision was made for her, after Live Nation shared news of the cancellation with Variety. She said that she hopes to be able to make the dates up at some unspecified future date.

“Believe me – I was really excited for this tour… and I’m genuinely disappointed it cant happen this year,” she wrote. The choice was out of my hands and not my call to make. I hope I will get to see you all in person one day.”

Azalea said that she was going to use the unexpected downtime to keep working on new music.

“All I can do is keep pushing, keep recording and keep a smile on my face,” she said.

CupcakKe shared details of what went wrong on her end, backing up Iggy’s story that the problems with the tour didn’t come from the New Classic rapper.

“Listen y’all, I went from getting paid 330k on this tour to 30k that’s what I mean by ‘change plans,'” she wrote on Twitter. “THIS WAS NOT IGGY THAT CHANGED PLANS! It was the ones that put it together! Iggy knows I love her. I just need that bag IN FULL…

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